Isola di Albarella

Albarella is a private island located in the lagoon south of Venice where you can spend your holidays in full relax or enjoy their favorite sports. Located in the Natural Park of Delta del Po, connected by a bridge to the mainland, the island is 5 km long and 1.5 in width: 528 hectares covered by the Mediterranean, with 2 million trees of 150 different tree species, including should be mentioned that the maritime pine and white poplar, from which the island takes its name.

Isola di Albarella

Albarella is an island located in the lagoon south of Venice in the northern area of the Po Delta Park, where the mouth of the river Po flows into the Adriatic Sea. Access to the island is characterized by a single road embankment along the Po di Levante and a bridge connecting it to the mainland. Albarella is just 12 km. about the S.S. Romea, an important way of communication between Ravenna and Venice.

Climate Albarella Island is typical of the Adriatic areas (humid climate) with a well defined summer season from May to September with temperatures that, combined with moisture, helping to raise the temperature actually perceived, and swing from 15 degrees C to 40 C. The sea water temperature varies from 17 degrees C instead of 24 degrees C.

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